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Let's Go To Hogwarts :3!!!!
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Broken Girl
Broken girl come dance with me,
In the winter late at night,
In the ballroom of society,
Broken girl come dance with me.
Broken girl, look around,
You think only your heart is broken,
Because none makes a sound,
Oh but broken girl, look around.
Broken girl, can’t you see?
We’re all made of china,
Here in society,
So broken girl, come dance with me.
Broken girl everyone’s chest is empty,
Holes bored in by a need to be free,
So broken girl, relax, and dance with me.
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What Lurks In The Dark
The cave/corridor was dark. By dark, I mean you could have your hands millimetres away from you face, and you still couldn’t see it. Literally no light- at all. Which may have been why I managed to crash into the wall as it curved.  Did I mention I was running at full speed down this corridor thing with my uncle, trying to catch this guy who had just tried to kill me? No, well, we were. My uncle who is a way more experienced sorcerer was in all magical detection mode, but he was doing it and I’m lazy and still young. I mean, I’m 15! That’s like, 3 in all sorcerer eyes.  So I wasn’t in magical detection mode. So I didn’t see, or rather feel the wall. Until I hit it, then I did. Pretty strong wall. Very hard and cold and painful to run into at full speed.
What’s more, not only did my uncle stop running after the bad guy who just tried to kill me to laugh, so did the freaking psycho killing guy. Did I mention magical detection mod
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Water+Cute guy=?
Answer? Read on my friends.
Hey readers. So, those of you who's been following my blog know that I managed to spent the entire last two weeks in center parks with my ever so rich cousin Rachel, uncle and art. Which means I got to hang out, go paint-balling, kayaking, wind-surfing, etc, without having to pay for anything. Now, so of you may see me as just abusing my niece rights, because it's kinda expensive. But I viewed it like this: I was providing an exceptional baby-sitting service to my younger but so-irresponsible-and-boy-crazy. Last time she went off with a boy and forgot to tell my uncle and aunt. For 3 days. Baby sitting is essential around her. And she 14. 
So, on the fifth day, we were in the pool at the end of another sporty day, and I was already begining to feel it. From just five days, my side had become bruised from paintball and the rapids and biking accidents and the rapids. Guess where I found myse
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Crush by frandom Crush :iconfrandom:frandom 0 0
A soft, summer evening breeze, the type you get after an exhaustingly warm day. Yet the sun tells me its midday. Under the softly golden bridge, a turquoise stream flows naturally, but softly, so you only hear a trickle. Perfumed air for the cherry blossom, dancing in the breeze, like my hair. A chocolate strand reaches across my face only to sway back. All around this Eden garden people are talking, admiring the cherry blossom, sipping drinks out of cocktail glasses, all the colours of the rainbow. A waiter offers me an almost neon lime glass. I accept and sip it. A perfect caramel, flowing as freely as water. Eventually I begin to move.
 As I walk, I begin to think. My senses are overwhelmed, so it’s harder than normal. My eyes by the heavenly beauty of this garden. My nose by the soft scent of blossom. My tongue by the drink I can’t stop sipping. My ears by the gentle talking, and the ever present trickling of the stream. My skin by the stroking of the perfectly w
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Kitty, Jennifer, Matt and Jack stood in front of the grave of Tally Green. It had been 5 years since she died, and, as every year, they met up at the grave yard where Tally spent much of her last days before the accident. They stood there, remembering her, as Kitty laid down the flowers. Delicate white blossoms scattered amongst blood red roses.
The four of them stood there in silence, reflecting on who Tally had been. A bit of an outsider, it took a long time for her to call you a friend. Defensive, she hardly ever let her guard down, never really trusting anyone. Quiet and mysterious. That’s now those who never really knew her saw her. But those who managed to get past her shield saw a very different girl. Kind, loving, full of energy, always laughing. A true listener, but, when she felt safe, she could talk for years. But even then, you could never truly say you knew Tally Green. Not even Kitty, her best friend, could say she knew exactly what was going on in that girls mind.
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Silloutette by frandom Silloutette :iconfrandom:frandom 0 0 Ghosts by frandom Ghosts :iconfrandom:frandom 3 2 Coppywight by frandom Coppywight :iconfrandom:frandom 1 0 Pillows by frandom Pillows :iconfrandom:frandom 0 0
I remember when I could read and write. When everything was for fun, back when we were soft and light, and I could rhyme. We'd spend casual conversations and beautiful meaningless moments with each other. And it was nice.
Then they claimed you. Made you ugly. Tortures you into meaning and robbed me of mine. You became someone I no longer recognized, no longer loved nor enjoyed. They tortured you into shapes I didn't know, and showed me another side of you which I hated.
It wasn't just you they hurt. They took my joy and then, without realizing, tortured me too. I could no longer bare to write, I barely knew how to anymore.
But I tortured you also. They made me, monitored be, told me what to do, how to fit in, how to be right. And when I tortured the way they liked, I was rewarded.  And as I became a better torturer, I lost that piece of happiness we shared.
And then I was free. But I cared no longer to read anymore, because
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A love story
The rain poured down. Strands of hair clung to my face like seaweed. Waves crashed on the rocks scoring my way with a most tremendous force, shaking the very path I walked. Never did I once turn back, never even thought of going home, even in that hell of a storm.
A wave tried desperately to drag me back into that icy cold dead sea with it. You know what, even though I had walked all that way to die, I clung of to those rocks with all I had, even though my hands stung, and my muscles screamed. Something told me I had to follow this path all the way. That it was the only way it was meant to be.
I had lost the love of my life, a blessing called Blaine to this same cliff a month previous, but new was slow, and I had not known until earlier that week. I couldn't comprehend a life without him, he was my life. If you don't know how to live, you have to die. So that's how I knew I had to join Blaine. That I had to die.
Just before the edge of
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Chapter 1, part 1
This is the tale of my rise and decent, or, in a more honest fashion, the story of my life. One thing I ask of you is that you enter with an open mind and leave with a wiser one. If you read this and leave pitying me, then you have not done as I have pleaded and I insist you come back in a month or so and reread my memoirs. I understand if you leave disgusted or shocked, if you look down on me or even if you feel I am not worthy to live on this Earth. After all many others do/ But one thing I have come to detest is being pitied.
Now with that small note aside, allow me to begin. We shall start in the summer of my fifteenth year. My name, as it was then, was Valentina Priestly, daughter of Mignonette Priestly and the late Lord George Priestly. I sat in the rarity of warm English sun whilst my dear friend Joanna Repton passed around a hat filled with a name of a "horse" for each of us, so that our little game could begin. Every "lady", th
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I am Eve
The devils blue eyes looked into mine
His hands raised the apple to my lips
And I bit
I knew I shouldn’t have
I was told not to
But I didn’t die
Which was good
Kind of
I was given new life
And it hurt and I was shamed
Embarrassed at my nakedness I hid
The new found life
Made me sick
And I had to leave Eden
The Devil looked me in the eye
Turned away laughing
Leaving me in a barren world
Turned against me by the father
With Cain in my arms
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alice by frandom alice :iconfrandom:frandom 0 0
Little experiment with
Supose I sould put something in this. Well, here's intro idea numero uno.
My story is not one of beauty, though it will make an appearance, nor of riches, or tradition. It is of silent struggles, hidden sadness, and above all, the muted revolution of a single woman. For these are not the memoirs of an Empress or Queen, but of a normal woman. A wife, a mother, lover, friend and, above all, sinner.
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So I'm at my nan's for a bit, and I like writting so I'm using her laptop. THIS THING HATES ME. I was doing my Sarah B thing (insert link as it's pretty young and I'm a view whore)… and it won't spell check, so I have to copy and paste the text into a word document to spell check it, then copy and paste it again and done, right? Wrong. It took me 15 minutes to copy and paste one half back into blogger. Then I had to reajust the font size and spacing and word messed it all up, and that took agers as it continued to play up, then finally I gave up with getting it perfect and posted it.
I never thought writting would be easier than the formatting and spell check stuff that comes after it. It took me 3x or 4x what it nromally would, if that!
I want my computer back :(

Well, sorry for rant, but I wanted to.

Also, the " and the @ buttons are the wrong way round, so I keep having to change it. Do you know how often I use the " button in my writtning, a lot more than I thought I did. A lot.
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I am in love with writing, I love my friends, I like cookies, I hate Cotton wool.

fictional blog of Sarah B (written by me). >>> <<<

Current Residence: UK
Favourite genre of music: country/rock pop
Favourite style of art: beautiful


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